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The Mind of a Poet

At first glance, many famous poets appear a little loopy, shall we say. It is a stereotypical characteristic that has developed over time which I’m sure will continue into the future, and a desirable one to many. Take Oscar Wilde, for example. His boisterous and charismatic optimism was a key feature that fuelled his innovation and creativity. Some call him mad, others call him genius and the split distinction of the public opinion between these two qualities is what separates the average from the marvellous. The average are thinkers, procrastinators, sceptics and much too rational. They lack the courage to do whatever they like, regardless of the expectation to conform. The marvellous are doers, lovers, romantics and irrational beings who allow their imagination to flow, uncapped by societal expectations – that is what life is about. The practice of non-conformism. Enjoyment, freedom to think and do and feel whatever you want, the longing for adventure. Be a part of the marvellous. Surround yourself with music, colours, the intellectual desire to know everything there is to know. Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘do it anyway’? Personally, I feel that it was designed for members of the marvellous, or those who need that extra push to become one.

It is understandable that some may feel as though they are held back by the opinions of others. I was one of those people and breaking free of those weights is difficult. But you just have to do it anyway. Whatever it is you want to do but feel as though you cant. Just do it anyway. If everyone was the same and did all the same things, life would be boring. There would be no enthusiasm, no inspiration and no colour. But every time someone stands up for something they love, the world becomes that much more interesting. The revolutionary poets are the ones I must thank for providing me the inspiration I needed to just do what is best for me from an enjoyable perspective. Earlier this year, I had really struggled attending school. I was always in the corner and I was always seen and rarely heard. My creativity was limited because I was expected to think and act a certain way for the likes of others. To follow the rules. To learn the same way as everyone else. I couldn’t learn that way. Personally, I learn through doing. I learn through enjoyment and reading for the fun of it, just like a poet. Through a colourful atmosphere tailored to the likes of me. As a result, I am now home-schooling for my A-Level exams next year. I study Business, English Literature and History and honestly, I have learnt a lot more in three weeks than I have in three months. Naturally, some people learn better in a controlled environment and that does not make you any less marvellous or any less of a poet. It’s all about mindset and being in touch with the irrational, fun-loving, intellectual, witty and romantic side of yourself and doing what is best for you.

So, how do you get in touch with this side of yourself? What makes a real poet? You must remember that being a poet isn’t just writing ballads and composing little haiku’s. It is about finding inner peace through self-love and compassion. It is using your imagination and telling a story with it and capturing the adversity and woes of life and working against them to find contentment. It can be reached through writing or entering different realms through reading stories. It can be reached through art, or studying history. Talking or listening. Thinking and doing. Music or playing. Anything you enjoy. The definition of contentment is different to everyone. What may be your happiness is another person’s nightmare and this diversity is unifying – we all have something that makes us happy. If someone invites you to something you do not care for, go anyway and remain optimistic. Be happy for that person. That acceptance of diversity and the willingness to try things you wouldn’t usually opt for, for the sake of a fellow human, is what unifies the marvellous – it’s what makes us poets.

One poet I feel must be mentioned when it comes to the pursuit of fun in life is William Shakespeare. The greatest poet and playwright of all time who can easily be looked up to for a number of reasons including his excellent sense of self, his humour, articulation, imagination, literary skills and much more. While his plays and poems all explore complex and various aspects of life, his personality and charm is something to be adored. Take his insults, for example. He took the minor dislike of something and expressed it in the most humorous, captivating way that unified people through laughter instead of creating diversity through tensions. One of my favourites of his is ‘thou art a fusty nut with no kernel.’ While this may have been semi-normal language to use during the Jacobean period, in modern day, if you used these types of insults I am sure the room will light up. It is often the expression of the weird and wonderful things in life that unify us. A skill Shakespeare had nailed and one we can all learn from.

So every day, in every situation, try and see things from the perspective of a poet, if you are not one already. If it won’t matter in five years, five months, five weeks, or five days, you can definitely incorporate the element of fun and expression. Look up to these poets who set out the path for us to follow. The path of enrichment, joy, liveliness and charisma. Remember: to live like a poet, seeing joy in all the small things in life, you must first be at one with yourself. Do what YOU like. Do not conform. That is how our spark is extinguished. You are marvellous.




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